Thursday, 29 November 2012

TIP: How do I type the copyright symbol ©?


Simply enter Option + G.

M$ Windows

Whilst Num Lock is on, hold down the ALT key, keep depressed and type on the Numeric keypad '0169'.


This works on (k)ubuntu at least, using a UK keyboard.

AltGr + Shift + C keys.


The above Linux solution did not work in GIMP for me when I was trying to create a Watermark for my photos.  The solution was to do the above in something like Kate (text editor), highlight and copy it to the Clip board and then paste it into GIMP's text editor window.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

MySQL Correct character case of names

Sometimes a client will pass you some data with forenames, surnames or, both with people's names all in upper-case, lower-case or, a jumbled mess.  This looks a bit unprofessional when you are doing mail shots or e-mail mailings.

The below code shows how you can select the forename field, correcting the data's case.  It sets the first character to upper-case and the rest, lower-case.

SELECT CONCAT(UPPER(LEFT(forename, 1)), (SUBSTRING(LOWER(forename), 2))) As fname
FROM table1;

Alternatively, if you want to correct the data in the database table, you would...

UPDATE table1 SET forename =  CONCAT(UPPER(LEFT(forename, 1)), (SUBSTRING(LOWER(forename), 2)));

If the table contains a lot of data then, you may wish to run the UPDATE code over night, out of hours!

Monday, 26 November 2012


I've been Blogging for some years now, using phpBB2.  Mainly posting Hint 'n Tips on Technical stuff but, that old forum software (phpBB) is vulnerable to attack (XSS).

So, I am moving my old postings to here and I will blog my knowledge here from now on.

I will blog about:-
Amateur Radio - although I am taking a break from the hobby just now.

Computing -  in general, Linux, Ubuntu, M$ Windows, Postfix (Email server), MySQL (Database server).

Gran Canaria -  a beautiful Canary Island with its rich variety of micro climates and friendly locals.  A Photographers dream.  A lot of routes/treks for walkers.

Photography - My interest in Landscapes and Wildlife.

The picture  in the background is one of mine of Anfi Del Mar, Arguineguin, Gran Canaria where my wife and I have a time share.