Saturday, 12 January 2013

Converting date formats in a flat-file using Regular expressions

I use two free text editors for preparing flat-files (.csv, etc.) prior to importing into MySQL.

I use Notepad++ in M$ Windows and Kate in Linux.  Both can do Regular expression Search & Replace upon text.

I find regular expressions very useful for preparing date fields prior to import into a database table.  So, converting the UK date format
dd/mm/yyyy (12/01/2013) into a MySQL DATE, DATETIME or, TIMESTAMP datatype (2013-01-12) is easy.


Replace (converts UK date format):

Replace (converts US date format):

So the above UK example searches for dates in the UK date format dd/mm/yyyy and converts them to yyyy-mm-dd.

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Unlike M$ Excel, these text-editors can cope with large files and do this relatively quickly.

Nice tutorials on Regular expressions at