Sunday, 2 November 2008

header_checks: Block foreign SPAM

WARNING: The information presented in this article is provided without warranty. Use at your own risk! Do not implement any features without full understanding of the implications. Using these measures incorrectly MAY prevent e-mail from reaching your server.

I can read some French and German but English is my native language. I certainly cannot read Chinese, Japanese or Russian. Therefore, quite pointless receiving any.

# Not in english character set? No use to me.
# China = GB2312, big5
# Korean = euc-kr, ks_c_
# Russian = koi8-r, iso-8859-5
/^Subject:.*=\?(GB2312|big5|euc-kr|ks_c_.*|koi8.*|KOI8.*)\?/ REJECT Message header rejected [064a]
/^Content-Type:.*[:space:]charset="?(GB2312|big5|euc-kr|ks_c_5601-1987|koi8.*|KOI8.*)/ REJECT Message header rejected [064b]

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