Saturday, 27 March 2010

TIP: Upgrading RAM in VMware Player

You can either change the memsize setting within the *.vmx file or, change it whilst running VMWare.

Edit file.
Look for a *.vmx file in the directory that your VM is stored in and open it in your favourite text editor.

Look for a line that looks like this: memsize = “64″. Change the number to equal the amount of RAM that you want in your VM. Typically half of your full (linux) memory should be sufficient. For example, I have upgraded my RAM to 2GB and so I increase memsize to 1024Mb (memsize = “1024″).

Start the VM and enjoy your new RAM

An alternative method of changing the memsize is to start VMWare Player and click on the 'VMWare Player" menu then select, "Troubleshoot". SElect, "Change memory allocation". There it graphically shows your memory setting, the recommended setting and finally, the maximum recommended setting.

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