Saturday, 4 December 2010

Yeh, help the spammers spam your friends!

So, you want to send ALL your friends a humourous jokes or picture. You add all their email addresses to the 'To:' or 'CC:' email address field. That's just great! Because, if any one of those recipients (friends) has malware on their computer, you have giving some spammers ALL your friends email addresses.

I get annoyed when 'friends' do this. My daughter's Scout Leader sends Newsletters with everyone's email addresses in the 'To:' field. This breaches the Data Protection Act. Some of these email addresses were children's!

Protect children and friend's email addresses by simply putting them into the 'BCC:' field. Stands for 'Blind Carbon Copy'. Every one gets the email BUT, they only see their own email address.

SAFE! Cool

Yes, all email programs have a 'BCC:' field.

I know this is all a bit inconvenient but, it is a solution.

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