Wednesday, 28 June 2017

'Vaccine' created for yesterdays Petya (NotPetya) Ransomware attack

This latest ransomware attack will encrypt your Windows files and demand a ransom to have your files restored. Researchers have found a way to vaccinate against this virus if, you have not already been infected.

BBC News article

How to Enable the NotPetya/Petna/Petya Vaccine

For my friends and family, your best bet is to download the following file from the link below. Then go to your 'Downloads' folder. Run the nopetyavac’ or, ‘nopetyavac.bat’ file by clicking your right mouse button on the file and selecting, ‘Run as Administrator’. It will create the necessary vaccine file.

Any problems, drop me a message. This needs to be done on all M$ Windows PCs/Laptops that you own.

Click here to download

Anyone wishing to not use the above file and also wish to learn a bit more about this virus visit,

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