Saturday, 13 February 2010

TIP: Taskbar crashed? What to do!?

Until I find a more elegant solution...

I had clicked upon the clock on my taskbar, to bring up the calendar. I wanted to look up what day a particular date fell. I had forgot about this bug, the task bar crashed and then shortly disappeared.

Not knowing how to get it back other than, ALT-F2 to bring up the "Run" command bar. I then type "logout", saving any unsaved documents.

Log back in and the task bar is restored and any previously opened application come back up to.

I hope this helps someone. Yes, an annoying bug but at least it is not like M$ (MS Windows) where you would have to do a hard reset!


I have been experimenting! I am not sure if this gives a stable solution yet but, instead of logging out, when I pressed ALT-F2, I then typed "plasma". After about ten seconds, the task bar came back. This is on Jaunty (Kubuntu 9.04)

Just an observation.

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