Thursday, 4 February 2010

Intrepid/Jaunty: K3B fails to rip to MP3

My K3B worked fine until I upgraded to Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04) and then I got: "Command failed: lame -h *snip*", "Error while encoding track 1".

Trawling the web I ended up at and thanks to Ilja Pavkovic and Julos I got it going again.

To help clarify:
1. create dir ~/bin
mkdir ~/bin

2. create a script ~/bin/ with
usr/bin/lame --big-endian -x "$@"

chmod +x ~/bin/lame

3. Then in K3B, Settings->Configure K3b...->Plugins, under AudioEncoder, Configure the "K3b External Audio Encode" entry. Click on Mp3 (Lame) and click on the Edit button. Tick the two bottom options for "Swap Byte Order" and "Write Wave Header".

Then enjoy using K3B again!

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