Saturday, 30 January 2010

TIP: Viewing Olympus Raw Format picture (.orf)

I have an Olympus e-500 and haven't decided if I prefer RAW over TIFF yet but just wanted to say that you can view Olympus Raw Format picture (.orf) if you have dcraw package installed.

Install it via Synaptic Package Manager.

GIMP - Install the gimp-dcraw plugin via Synaptic Package Manager allows you to edit the image in GIMP.

RAW gives the same quality as TIFF but, in a smaller file size. The lack of viewers and editor for RAW needs considering.

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Taurus II said...

Since August 2015 I lso have an Olympus e-520. I do most of my shots in RAW now. I do use my linux BASH script for quick conversion to JPEG but, for processing I now use RawTherapee.

Available free on Linux, Mac and Windows, there are lots of tutorials on RawTherapee, to get the best from your RAW photos.